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Jhangir Mahmood


Jhangir is the director of Bishop Lloyd and Jackson solicitors, having qualified in 1991. He is a qualified international Mediator. 

Jhangir is a human rights lawyer and has fought tirelessly for the rights of those who do not have a voice. His career began at Brixton Community Law Centre where he worked for 2 years, specialising in housing. He completed his training contract at Ambrose Appelbe and Pyke (7 New Square, Lincolns Inn) where he conducted a variety of work including Employment, Civil and Commercial litigation, and bankruptcy.

He set up Bishop Lloyd and Jackson Solicitors Limited in 1998. He is also a director of Foster & Foster Solicitors Limited, a sister company to BLJ which concentrates on legal aid Housing and Public Law matters. 


The Grenfell Tower fire is one of tragic incident where 72 individuals tragically lost their lives and thousands other have been affected. BLJ have the 2nd Largest cohort of clients out of the 20 firms representing the victims of the fire. Jhangir has been the lead solicitor for the Grenfell Tower Inquiry team within the firm and supervises all aspects of the civil claims, housing issues and the police investigation. He has for the past 5 years headed a team of nine lawyers to work on one of the largest and most complex Public Inquiries ever to have been set up. The Public Inquiry was set up shortly after the fire and is still ongoing. 

He also works with Rachel Swinnerton who heads the civil litigation. The Public Inquiry team has received disclosure of over 1 million pages of documents which comprise more than 200,000 documents. It has heard evidence for nearly 4 years virtually continuously. It has also heard evidence from over numerous expert witnesses.

Jhangir has been across all issues and led the team in respect to develop detailed knowledge off all matters to do with fire safety in high-rise blocks. Jhangir was deeply involved in the High Court litigation pursued by over 1000 victims of the Grenfell Tower fire and obtained a landmark judgement in the High Court of Justice. Dealing with such a large, high profile and complex case has given him an immense amount of expertise in dealing with such litigation.

Cricket Scotland Investigation.

Cricket in Scotland is undergoing a very difficult time after the review by Plan4Sport into racism into Cricket [ insert link to the report by Plan4Sport. The review concluded that Cricket Scotland was institutionally racist and the whole of the former board of directors resigned. Cricket Scotland was placed into special measures. Jhangir has been appointed as one of the 2 lead independent investigators by Sports Scotland to investigate complaints of racism withing the sport. This is a complex investigation looking into over 50 individual complaints by numerous individuals. 

Jhangir is honoured to have been appointed to do this very important piece of work and to assist in a just outcome for all and thereby ensuring a better future for all those involved in cricket.

Jhangir has also represented sports professional in the field of Hockey, Cricket and Football in disciplinary matters, racism in their sport and in their personal matters. 

Fire Safety cases

Jhangir is currently involved in representing tenants in several cases where there have been fire safety breaches in high-rise blocks.


He is currently advising the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation which is an international sports governing body on governance issues. 

Other cases

 Jhangir has over the years also worked on high profile and complex matters in the Supreme Court (Gurkha Pension rights), London Court of International Arbitration (Claim against Gulf-Stream in respect of maintenance of a private jet). 

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