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Housing Disrepair Claims Solicitors In London

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Housing Disrepair Claims Solicitors In London

We can help to ensure that your landlord carries out the necessary repairs to your rental property.

We will fight to obtain compensation for your associated losses. We have an excellent success rate, winning over 90% of our cases.

Do you believe that your landlord is failing in their duty to maintain your property? If so, contact us today to speak with an expert about your options.

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Landlords have an obligation to their tenants. When those obligations are not met, our housing disrepair solicitors can hold them to account.

Housing Disrepair Claims & Compensation

Many thousands of people are living in unacceptable conditions right across the United Kingdom. If you believe you are one such tenant, you do have options and we can ensure you know what they are.

Using the legal process, we can help to ensure that your landlord carries out the necessary repairs to your rental property. Our expert team of housing disrepair solicitors will also fight to obtain compensation for your associated losses.

What is Housing Disrepair?

Housing disrepair comes in many forms. Landlords must ensure the following:

  • Tenant’s homes are free from mould and damp.
  • The property’s structure is not compromised or damaged.
  • The heating system works, including water and radiators.
  • Tenant’s have access to safe access to water and electricity.
  • Tenant’s have access to  sanitation facilities such as a shower and a toilet.
  • The property is free from pest infestation such as insects or vermin.
  • The property is secure with working lockable entrances or exits.

If you are living in rented accommodation and your landlord fails to prevent or resolve disrepair in a reasonable amount of time, then you should seek independent legal advice.

Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors London have Won Over 90% of Cases

We have represented individuals and families whilst also representing many clients at a public inquiry level. We are perhaps best known for our work on the Grenfell Tower Enquiry. Regardless of the scale of the issues you are facing, you can expect BLJ Solicitors to treat you with respect, dignity and total professionalism.

Injury and Illness Resulting from Housing Disrepair

It is not uncommon for tenants living in housing that is in a state of disrepair to suffer an injury or become ill. For example, structural damage might cause someone to fall and hurt themselves, or mould could cause respiratory problems. Should something like this happen, you might also be able to pursue a personal injury claim.

BLJ solicitors have a respected litigation department that can help. You can learn more about this at Personal Injury Claims or to speak with an expert, Contact Us today.

The Housing Disrepair Claims Process

The process is unique to your individual circumstances. Every housing disrepair claim can be slightly different to at least some degree. However, the typical process will likely involve the following:

  • You will contact us for a free initial consultation and if you would like to proceed, we will open a file for you.
  • Your solicitor will instruct an expert consultant to assess your home and provide us with a report that will be used as evidence.
  • We will also investigate any other damages you suffered. For example, injuries, damaged property or loss of earnings.
  • We will write to your landlord and request that they resolve the matter within a certain period of time. Your landlord has the right to instruct their own expert to assess the property. If they do, both reports will be considered equally.
  • If your landlord continues to refuse to fulfil their legal obligation to you, we may issue legal proceedings against them on your behalf.
  • Regardless of the route we take, our team will get you the compensation that you are entitled to.

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If you are living in a home that is in need to vital repairs and your landlord is refusing to carry them out, we can help. Our dedicated housing disrepair solicitors london are ready to get you the outcome you deserve. Contact Us to speak with an expert.

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