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We have experience in representing a significant number of individuals involved in a public inquiry.

If you or a group you represent require the services of a public inquiry solicitor to support you through any phase of a public inquiry, get in touch with us promptly.

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We proudly supported survivors during the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

We are public inquiry solicitors

Public inquiries are an important part of the process following often tragic events that typically involved many people. A public inquiry helps all involved understand what happened and why. It might identify a liable party and establish a route for compensation for those harmed or who suffered the loss of a loved one. Most of all, they are about truth, justice and the rights of individuals.

Experienced in public inquiries

We have been involved in several high-profile public inquiries. We have the knowledge and expertise required to navigate what can often be a stressful and complex situation.

We work alongside support groups and advocates in an effort to encourage change, particularly when a tragic event was a result of poor policy, regulation or law.

Our team will identify the best options available to you and ensure you understand them. For example, you might have questions about funding a case. In the past, we have secured public funding to ensure fair and equal legal represented for our clients involved in public inquiries.

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If you require representation throughout a public inquiry, speak with us about how we can help. You will find us to be sympathetic to your situation and thoroughly knowledgeable on how we can aid you.

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