Public Inquiry

Grenfell Tower Inquiry

We represent a significant number of the bereaved, survivors and residents in the ongoing Public Inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. Our clients have suffered loss in various aspects of their life from physical, emotional and financial as a result of this fire tragedy.

Our holistic approach means that, in addition to representation at the Inquiry, we are also pursuing other areas of issue our clients need support in which predominantly relates to Civil and Personal Injury claims and assisting our clients with Housing and Immigration matter.

Our Public Inquiry team specialise in dealing with such sensitive matters and we are able to treat each case on its own merits and analyse them in accordance with the next steps that we need to take to ensure our clients are given the best service possible.

Mervyn has been involved in several previous Public Inquiries and has also been lead solicitor in two large litigation actions involving group litigation orders, which gives him unrivalled experience both on an individual and collective basis.

Jhangir’s previous experience in Housing law and Civil Litigation has meant he is ideally placed to deal with this high-profile case.

Lead Solicitor

Jhangir Mahmood
Jhangir Mahmood
Director – Overall Supervisor GTI – Public Inquiry, Public Law, Civil & Commercial Litigation
Jhangir is the principal of Bishop Lloyd and Jackson and has been so since 1998. He is somewhat of a trailblazer and has always looked at the...
Rachel Swinnerton
Rachel Swinnerton
Senior Solicitor – Personal Injury & Civil Litigation
Rachel leads the team dealing with the personal injury claims i.e. civil claims arising from the Grenfell fire and which comprise compensation for...