Fire Safety Law

Fire Safety Law

Death and serious personal injury and significant property loss can occur from fires.

Our work in relation to the Grenfell Tower fire means we are uniquely placed to advise in relation to possible litigation in this area and on fire safety law.

We have already started litigation on behalf of residents of a block of flats where there were significant fire safety breaches.

If you need advice on this area please feel free to contact us.

Hortensia fire safety litigation

We represent a number of clients who have been housed in unsafe housing which presents a fire risk.

After the fire at Grenfell Tower a large number of survivors were housed in a block called The Hortensia Building at 4 Hortensia Road, London, SW10 0FU, in Chelsea. They were horrified when they found out that their properties may have been insulated with the same combustible insulation as that which was on Grenfell Tower. This caused them considerable anxiety and retriggered their trauma. It is astonishing that RBKC would not have checked this fact before they were put into the property.

We immediately served a pre-action protocol letter and instructed a fire safety expert to carry out an inspection. He found numerous fire safety failings. As a result of our actions the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have removed the insulation and also carried out some work.

We continue to pursue RBKC in this matter so as to ensure that our clients live in safe accommodation and can sleep in peace knowing it is so.

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Jhangir Mahmood
Jhangir Mahmood
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