Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Our Civil Litigation Department is closely tied with our Personal Injury Department which provides additional civil litigation expertise regardless of the size or nature of the action. We also aim to provide the best possible outcome for our clients by conducting in depth investigations and research into the prospects of a case before proceeding – to both reduce time and expense and to maximise success.

Multi Party Actions

One of our lead solicitors Mervyn, was lead solicitor in the Multi Party action which represented 2,200 families which related to the improper removal of their deceased child`s organs after death. This action was successful after a hearing in the High Court. Mervyn also represented over 700 military veterans from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Fiji who were subjected to ionising radiation as a result of the United Kingdom atomic bomb tests in the Christmas Islands

Lead Solicitor

Rachel Swinnerton
Personal Injury, Civil Litigation – Lead Solicitor